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An Introduction To The Criminal Lawyer

The average television watcher is probably very familiar with the law shows that feature criminal lawyers that are hired to represent a person that has been charged with a crime. Criminal lawyers are known by different names. For example, criminal defense lawyer. Some might also work for the prosecutors office. All are legal representatives that [...]

Crime and the Criminal Lawyer

Many a broadcasting enterprise fights for the ratings as they promote yet another criminal law movie or drama on prime-time television. The lawyer whose nose is connected to the nose of the witness as he shouts down the defence; the judge who raps his gavel on the sound block in order to restore the structure [...]

Sexual Abuse – A Worldwide Epidemic

Sexual assault coming from two consenting adults more often than not happens with both parties abusing and both parties being abused. Some women like to punish their husbands or boyfriends for not being successful enough in the real business world. They will deliberately flirt and some even carry on sexual affairs with the full knowledge [...]

What Is Sexual Abuse?

The term sexual abuse is called a variety of other terms throughout the world. Sexual abuse is also referred to sexual assault, rape, molestation, sexual violence, a sex crime, and more. Sexual abuse also has a variety of definitions. In simpler terms, sexual abuse is any unwanted sexual contacts, remarks, and additional behaviours that are [...]

How Crime Scene Investigation Works

    Crime scene investigation processing is a task that is long and tiresome and involves documenting and gathering all types of physical evidence throughout the entire scene. In the end, more light will be shed on exactly what took place and who was responsible for what took place in the crime itself.   While [...]

Self Defense In An Assault

    Individuals who are facing some sort of an assault charge tend to claim that they acted in self defence, in defence of their property, or in defence of someone else. However, there's much more to raising these types of defences than simply stating that you felt threatened in some way and decided to [...]