Centrelink Fraud Defences

Centrelink Fraud CasesReceiving Centrelink benefits falsely is one of the most common forms of fraud tried in criminal courts.

Here are two examples:

  • Single parent benefit paid to someone living with a spouse who makes a contribution to the household expenses
  • Job search allowance paid to someone who has a full-time job

Unfortunately, many people do not know how serious this crime is. The judges residing over criminal courts are well-known for punishing people who commit Centrelink fraud. Jail time is the most likely punishment if the period over which the benefit was dishonestly received is substantial and the amount taken is significant.

It is vital that you get an experienced criminal attorney when it comes to dealing with this legal issue. An experienced criminal attorney can construct and deliver a plea during mitigation. This may help you avoid being sentenced to jail.

If you have intentions of defending the allegation, there is a strong possibility that you become overwhelmed by the sheer size of the prosecution brief. Prosecutors are notorious for putting forth a strong brief against people accused of Centrelink fraud. You should also keep in mind that you will face legal issues that you will not be able to comprehend.

Getting help from an experienced criminal defense attorney will give you the best opportunity to avoid conviction.

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