man behind barsMany a broadcasting enterprise fights for the ratings as they promote yet another criminal law movie or drama on prime-time television.

The lawyer whose nose is connected to the nose of the witness as he shouts down the defence; the judge who raps his gavel on the sound block in order to restore the structure of stability. All of this is devised in a land of imagination and fantasy where entertainment is the focus.

The reality is it is not as glamorous as the actors make it out to be. There is so much more that occurs behind the scenes and only a glimpse of this domain (foreign to most of us) is here on this page.

If you’re a criminal in the real world, the odds are stacked against you.

If you’re a criminal lawyer, you’ve got your work cut out for you and it takes more than just a day of research and to and fro to the court to get a case settlement.

Take a typical day in the life of a criminal; combine that with the law of averages; and there are no ifs or buts here; he will eventually get caught. Now tie that in with the evidence that implicates him. He now needs a lawyer who can successfully argue his case for him.

Meetings conducted between the criminal and the lawyer are necessary. They assist in formulating a defence when negotiations, a part of the deal when a more favorable settlement is desired, are denied. It is time then to prepare for trial.



However, it is true that many criminal cases escape trial due to the lawyer who has successfully reached a plea agreement. The criminal lawyer has spent much of his or her time in court before the judge arguing for the rights of the criminal under indictment. This person cares about his charge and the accused would be well to find gratitude for services rendered.

But in each case there is an air of urgency. Every person under indictment still has a right to be defended in the best way possible with the best method available. So it is with these compassionate, empathic lawyers who have chosen this field and who have several years of gruelling training behind them, the accused has a more than decent opportunity to rectify his situation.

Many criminal lawyers deal with people who come from socially challenged or disadvantaged backgrounds. Regardless of what the public perceive these people to be, it is all to often forgotten; they and their criminal lawyers are also human beings with hearts and souls.