The biggest concern for anyone who is facing a DUI charge is the length of disqualification that they face as a result. There are many things that can impact the overall consequences. For instance, the actual amount of drugs or alcohol found in the individual’s blood, the type of driving that has been exhibited, the approximate distance that the vehicle was being driven, and the nature and extent of the traffic history of the driver.

There are some lawyers who accept that this is a fact, even though they don’t actually test it. However, our expert drink driving lawyers in Sydney are able to detect all of the different flaws in these matters. For instance, if someone’s traffic history has a drunken driving charge on it that took place within the last five years, the period of disqualification will significantly jump. However, if the police don’t treat that particular charge in accordance with the law before the sentence, then an advocate will be able to petition the court to disregard it completely, which can prevent the driver from having to go through a months-long disqualification. This is something that is generally considered in nearly every driving under influence case.


However, in other cases, there are clients who can’t afford to lose their driver’s licenses at all, which means that it’s important to try to find any and all available defences for them whenever possible. Our company, unlike other firms, is highly experienced in raising many different types of technical defences. There are also other matters that involve demonstrating that the officer who operated the DUI test was the same one who required the driver to provide a breath specimen. These investigations can end up revealing errors that provide drivers with a great defence.

Additionally, our lawyers also work hard to prepare and provide the most basic DUI services, such as work license applications, disqualification period removals, and lifting suspensions.

However, there are some DUI cases in which the greatest concern isn’t the disqualification period. This is especially the case in New South Wales and instances involving high ranges of drunken driving. Here, there is what is referred to as a “Guideline Judgment,” which states that jail time is also available for those who are even first-time offenders of this kind of case.

Only someone who is experienced with the laws of this particular region would know for sure that they do not possess work licenses there. Furthermore, the only way for you to retain your driver’s license would be to either convince a court to either put you on a bond or dismiss the charge against you completely. Again, the only way to ensure that either of these outcomes would be possible would be to completely place your case in the hands of an experienced professional who understands these laws and deals with them on an everyday basis.

The only tools at your disposal that you can use when there is so much at stake are experience and knowledge. In the event you are facing any kind of a DUI charge, don’t hesitate to contact us today to obtain assistance in fighting it.