sexual violence


Individuals who are facing some sort of an assault charge tend to claim that they acted in self defence, in defence of their property, or in defence of someone else. However, there’s much more to raising these types of defences than simply stating that you felt threatened in some way and decided to act upon those feelings.


What is Self Defence?

Simply put, self defence is the act in which you defend yourself, your property, or someone else against an attack from another individual. This is also another area in which the law becomes rather complex. If the issue ends up not being resolved in your favor, then chances are your claim of self defence will not stand and you will likely be convicted of assault. This is on top of many other types of complex issues that can arise in terms of assault charges, which can only be explored by an experienced criminal defence attorney.


Those who are facing assault charges are faced with an even greater reason to make sure that their case is handled as skilfully as possible, than those who are charged with any kind of a non-violent offense. This is because the law explicitly states that courts should never regard jail as a sentence of last resort if a charge that has been levied against someone involves violence.


Furthermore, there also looms the prospect of having to pay compensation to victims if you are found to be guilty of a violent offense. This is something that can greatly affect the security of both your home and a lot of your other assets.


It’s because of all of these reasons that you should seek immediate expert advice in the event that you are faced with any kind of an assault charge, be it sexual violence or just physical assault.