sexual abuse mental effectsSexual assault coming from two consenting adults more often than not happens with both parties abusing and both parties being abused. Some women like to punish their husbands or boyfriends for not being successful enough in the real business world.

They will deliberately flirt and some even carry on sexual affairs with the full knowledge of their partner in order to punish their mate. The mate then reciprocates in like kind. Sometimes this sexual violence is carried into the Physical realm as we’ve all seen on TV news.

The Lorena Bobbit story comes to mind. There are always murder stories on the news that stem from just this type of situation. Women get other men to kill their husbands or jealous husbands kill their wives.

Sexual abuse nearly always has its origins in the abuser’s childhood. Where he or she is mistreated sexually by a parent or close friend of the family. Sometimes it’s another close relative doing the abusing. Aunts, Uncles, and even brothers and sisters have been found guilty of this heinous crime.

Because of early introduction in childhood, the abused associates sex as a tool that is used to manipulate other people. They also begin to think that they should punish the people who desire sex with them. Many pimps and prostitutes murder their clients and feel justified in their sexual violence.

Sexual abuse in the form of incest is passed from generation to generation in a never ending spiral of confused adults who think they are justified in sexually abusing their children. This phenomenon was first explored at length by Sigmund Freud but logged in mythology throughout the ages.

All the great writers of the ages have touched on the subject from Chaucer to Shakespeare. Oedipus Rex and Electra come from mythology and are the namesakes of the Oedipal complex. Sigmund Freud coined the term “Oedipus complex” and believed that the child desired the parent in both male and female children. He believed that this complex occurred in the third stage of psycho-sexual development.

He believed that boys and girls experienced this in different ways- boys in a form of castration anxiety and girls in the form of penis envy. There is no good reason for having sex with a child no matter what fantasies the child is having. Some adults having had sex with a parent think that it is a natural thing and abuse their own children.

The internet thrives on these kinds of Oedipal fantasies and regularly promotes sex videos of family sex. In the real world, psychologists would call this behavior sexual abuse.

Luckily in the 21st century, we recognize this as a sickness that can be treated. When people are sent to jail for sexual abuse, most courts will order psychoanalysis so that if an abuser is released he will have had treatment at least for his disability. The crime in the mind of public is unforgivable.

The worst example is the internet child pornography and the international prostitution of children, a worldwide epidemic. There is no excuse for these public displays and those websites should be hunted down and destroyed like mad dogs would be if they were threatening a community.